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Enjoy technological and staffing services that protect your network from unsanctioned access and cyber-attacks.

E-Valve Technologies provides organizations with comprehensive cybersecurity consulting, robust digital infrastructure, and cybersecurity managed services. We combat problems ranging from minor to hugely disruptive, all of which can adversely affect your business. 

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Get in touch with our cybersecurity professionals to install, update, or modernize your existing network security protocols.

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Our Cybersecurity

Data and Network Protection Against
Evolving Cyber Threats

Data Protection

Keep confidential information out of the reach of hackers and data thieves with criminal motives. Our cybersecurity consulting experts can help you create a security plan that meets your needs and adheres to your industry’s data security standards, especially regarding customer information.

Cybersecurity Consulting

We have highly experienced cybersecurity professionals specializing in various industries, including medical. Discover how you can retrieve, save, and share critical data within and outside your network without compromising your organization’s security with E-valve Tech.


A network’s first line of defense must be strong enough to deter most attempts at infiltration. Ensure your organization stays protected from viruses, malware, and cyber attacks like DDoS by investing in robust firewalls and antivirus software. E-Valve Technologies can further ramp up your network’s defenses with our cybersecurity managed services.

Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is a nefarious corner of the Internet that’s hard to trace as conventional search engines cannot index it. Unfortunately, stolen data often ends up here, where people can buy them by any means. If you want absolute cybersecurity in NYC, our cybersecurity professionals can track your data – emails, personal details – and help you protect yourself should they end up on the dark web.

Network and Cloud Security

In this era of digitalization and heightened use of cloud services and remote work, networks are increasingly threatened – sometimes weakened – by multiple endpoints or devices needing access to company data. We can provide technology that will prevent cyber attacks that exploit weaknesses in the cloud.

Security Awareness Training

E-Valve Technologies stays updated on cyber criminals' ever-changing methods and techniques for circumventing cybersecurity. To be truly effective in our role as consultants and providers of cybersecurity managed services, we hold security awareness training championed by the best names in cybersecurity in NYC.

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We stay true to our mission of bringing added value to businesses by providing the best IT products and security tech.

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