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IT Consulting Services

Strategize to achieve longevity with tech.

Solve current technology problems and challenges, and get an objective, expert perspective to improve your strategy.

Simply owning the newest and cutting-edge technology in the industry doesn’t cut it; you need to know how to optimize it and scale it to take your business to the next level. E-Valve Technologies takes on the role of consultant – to think outside the box and look for ways to give your business a long-lasting technological advantage.

Work with our IT consulting company in NYC.

  • Uncover parts of your business processes that waste resources
  • Streamline processes to boost productivity
  • Save time and resources
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve product or service quality

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Let Technology Take Your Business Higher


Maintain your brainstorming momentum by talking to one of our consultants anytime you have a breakthrough. Knowing that timezones can be an obstacle for collaborations across the country or abroad, our IT consulting company in NYC ensures consultants are available 24/7.


When we offer IT consulting in NYC, we collect data about your day to day activities and track long-term business progression. But we don’t keep the information to ourselves. As we monitor your progress, we ensure you have access to the data so you may make more informed decisions.


Utilize technology to improve your organization and take your business to greater heights – but first, identify the technology that suits you best and maximize it. Our IT consulting services emphasize strategy, redefining existing IT processes or designing new ones that utilize new and more advanced technology systems.


Reduce the security risks in your network by staying in control of who gains access to data and implementing security protocols on all endpoints (users and devices). As your IT consulting company in NYC, we can design permission levels and security access SOPs for on-site and remote workers to ensure confidential data and your entire network stays secure.


Never hesitate to reach out and communicate your concerns and needs. E-Valve Technologies consultants are professionals who understand your motivations and goals. We work closely with your team and identify touchpoints so we can communicate freely. You won’t find a more attentive and customer-centric company offering IT consulting in NYC.


Make the most of the legacy tech you want to maximize for the future. Part of our IT consulting services is keeping your existing tech up-to-date with the latest drivers and security patches. In addition, we stay on top of trends, so should we find new technology or software that can improve your existing tools and processes, we’ll explore them further to verify their value to your business.

Why Choose Us


Decision Making

Our IT consultants are some of the most brilliant and talented in the industry, some having spent years providing IT consulting in NYC.

monitoringWe don’t hesitate to think outside the box, but we never recommend and implement new tech recklessly. If we recommend something, we have data to back it up.

supportOur customized consultancy services come with flexible and reasonable pricing. We’re confident our work can bring great value to your business.