Solutions By Business Type

IT for Non-Profit

IT Solutions in line with your goals

Strengthen your IT infrastructure

From the latest technology to the most effective IT techniques for non-profits, we create the groundwork for your IT to thrive on. We will help fortify your ICT system with all the best resources in the industry and the personnel to handle them. As your IT needs increase with the expansion of your organization, we provide more skilled experts to handle the demands of the organization. From establishing new and improved databases for your organization to updating your software, your IT infrastructure has never been in better hands.

Strategic planning for your budget

As a non-profit, you need IT services in NYC that can help you manage your tight budget while solving complex IT problems. We offer strategic planning to help you make big things happen on a limited budget. Our services are structured to help you maximize funds to augment your IT infrastructure. We are also open to working on a scheduled basis according to your financial capacity.

Available support at all times

Our IT support for non-profits defers to your preferences, budget, and ultimately, your organizational goals. You can count on us to provide the vital support you need to run your organization smoothly at any time. Our experts are on standby to attend to your needs, paying you full attention all the way.

IT for SMB

Enhanced customer focus

We are not just about making computers talk to each other; we are here to see you reach your biggest goals financially. From the responsive IT framework to the running of your IT center, customers will always feel valued. Get a free-flowing connection medium to improved user experience; we create a whole new customer experience through unmatched IT support for New York companies

Elevated cash management

We offer an unprecedented approach to your cash management system through top-class IT services in New York by giving you enhanced control of how your money comes in and goes out. We augment your financial platforms for you to easily and digitally manage your cash, make transactions, and protect your cash management system from intrusion.

Powerful IT Structures

We specialize in building an all-inclusive structure to provide IT solutions in NYC for small and medium businesses. From the IT framework to the installation of systems, we are your best plug for ICT devices and installation. We know the preferred cables, materials, peripherals, and software you need for the size of your business.

Software support

We are always gaining more knowledge about the industry’s best ICT practices for small businesses. Not only will we guide you in terms of the ideal software to purchase, but we will also help with the installation on various types of desktop and mobile devices. For any glitch in the software operations, our team of software engineers will be there to troubleshoot the problem.

IT for Startups

IT architecture for startups

We are more than IT gurus; we are builders. Get a responsive and reliable framework for your startup from the get-go. Our reliable IT experts in NYC will help design the framework on which your ICT unit will be built. From a reliable Cybersecurity protocol to an assured Data management system, your IT dominance has never been more assured.

Planning and guidance

At E-Valve Technologies, we offer first-class IT consulting services in NYC for startups to stand on their feet faster. We are committed to providing adequate IT guidance from scratch in all your planning phases. From your ICT setup to recommended high-performance hardware and software products, we’ve got you covered.

Around-the-clock IT support

Your business needs around-the-clock IT support, especially in its early stages. We are offering you more than world-class IT support; we are also offering you companionship. No matter where your business is, you can call us for support all day, every day.

High-quality connection

First impressions matter, even in business. Create a befitting reputation for your business right from the start with dependable IT services for startups in NYC. Elevate your business with high internet speed and signal boosting technology from IT’s finest exports. Connect with your customers and high-class clients over high-quality signals for a seamless flow of information.

IT for Medical

Unbeatable public health surveillance through impeccable IT expertise

Health data management

Our data management for healthcare is set up to assist medical practitioners to save, retrieve, and share data seamlessly. We provide a systematic collage of data for doctors, nurses, and other health workers in a digital, incorruptible format. Doctors can keep track of their patient’s health, search for treatment options online, and make a proper diagnosis based on well-informed support.

Health research

In an ever-dynamic world, research is key to medical advancement. We offer IT management services to empower health workers across different fields and levels in their medical research endeavors. From high-functioning computer networks to high-speed signals, your medical experts will never be caught lagging.

Data storing and tracking

From surveillance to confidential medical records, we depend on cutting-edge technology for resolute data storing and tracking. We only use the best and most trusted data security protocol for the absolute protection of patient and staff data.

Modern security protocol

As health workers value saving lives, we must keep our heroes safe. We are on a quest to make our health centers the safest place in the world. We provide an improved security protocol powered by up-to-date technology, manned by some of the best minds in the business.